About Northern Beaches Tadka

Northern Beaches Tadka is a Modern Indian Restaurant offering delectable Indian food from various states whilst incorporating the cultural diversity in our range of delicacies.

With an experience of over 25 years in 5-star hospitality spaces, our chefs curate contemporary Indian recipes of great finesse, to bring a perfect blend of urbanity and authenticity on the table.

Set up in a serene arrangement, with an indoor dining area and an outdoor seatin, Northern Beaches Tadka is where you can unwind, relax, and socialize with your friends and family. While bringing exclusivity to our esteemed customers in terms of customer service, we make sure to embrace your smile that comes after relishing our food.

With the zest of giving you the best culinary experience, we promise quality and flavourful food that would tickle your taste buds and satiate the foodie in you.

We offer a wide range of Indian dishes from up north to down south, from flavourful Indian curries to adorably flavoured tandoori dishes, presented in a way to make it aesthetically pleasing whilst being palatable.

As our name suggests, we add a tadka of perfection to our food, tempered with a touch of refinement, love, and locally sourced ingredient to create aromatic and flavourful dishes that would leave you spellbound. With a bar, and being a great place for socializing, we offer quality catering services as well.

Come and be a part of this culinary journey where we celebrate the vibrant Indian flavours in a contemporary style and stimulate your senses with the recipes that are true to their origin with a dash of urbanity.

Northern Beaches Tadka is your place to be.

Exquisite Tadka At NBT

From flavours to the presentation, we ensure to offer the best of India and garner age-old ingredients and recipes only to take you along the journey of scrumptious food.

Our exquisite tadka is what makes us different wherein our food is tempered with the best of locally sourced ingredients and a touch of perfection to make you drool on the aroma, and its utmost exquisiteness.

Let’s redefine the contemporary cuisine and enjoy the real flavours of India at NBT, in an idyllic space at the Northern Beaches and enjoy the luxury of cultural diversity.

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